Supporting a new payment method is a great way to expand one’s available market. That’s what Bitcoin brokerage Anycoin Limited did by adding TrustPay wire transfers to its payment options. The move gave Anycoin access to 14 new markets, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, and Hungary.

In addition to Bitcoin, Anycoin Direct supports altcoins like Darkcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

Co-founder Bram Ceelen explained the strategy to CoinDesk:

With the addition of TrustPay, we now serve almost all the European market. Our goal is to make buying and selling Bitcoin as easy as possible. To do this we work with as many local trusted payment methods as possible to make sure the buy process goes as smooth as possible.

The TrustPay announcement is the latest example of the growth strategy Anycoin began when it raised €500,000. It came as no surprise to those who remembered co-founder Lennert Vlemmings’ prediction that some of those funds would help Anycoin adopt new payment methods.

TrustPay did not provide a comment by press time.

Image via Flickr by BTC Keychain

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