News flash – anyone (including you) can join our affiliate program, earn passive income and reduce the fees for new users you’re bringing to CoinGate. 

CoinGate referral program

All you need is a verified trader account at CoinGate, which gives you the ability to create custom referral links that you can share with other people. 

You can create as many referral links as you want and, and all can be set up differently. For example:

  • As a trader, you can create a referral link which gives you, the referrer, a 1% profit from each buy or sell trade that a referred person will make, that is if he or she signs up with the provided link. 
  • You can also create a referral link which, once used, will give the person you brought to CoinGate a 1% lower fee for buying or selling cryptocurrencies.
  • When setting up a referral link, you can decide how to split the 1% between you and the person you’re bringing on board by using a dedicated slider. You can create a mix between two options above that allows you to earn passive income and to lower the fee for a new user at the same time (see the example below).

Note that the reduced fees from referrals work only for SEPA transfers, also when using SOFORT and Skrill payment methods. 

How to create a referral link?

Step #1: Log in to your CoinGate account 

Click on the “Trader” tab and select the “Referrals” option, or click here.

Step #2. Click the referral creation button

In this window, you can see all the details about already created referral links. When you open this window for the first time, it will be empty. To create your first referral link, click on the “+New Referral” button in the top right corner. 

Step #3: Set up the referral options

First, give a title to your link. It will help you later on if you decide to create more than one. 

Next, give your link the name ID. Name ID can have lowercase letters, digits or hyphens, and will appear at the end of a link (for example,

affiliate how to guide

Follow the steps to create a custom referral link

Lastly, move the slider to decide on different benefits that the link will provide. Once ready, click “Submit”. 

Step #4: Share the link with others

That’s it! You can see all your referral links in the “Referral” tab. Even though you can have multiple links with different settings, they do not expire when used so you can keep giving the same link to different users as many times as you want. 

In the “Referral” page, you can also see your registered referrals’ orders and track when and how much you’ve earned over time. 

You’re all set!

Keep in mind that, once you bring new users to our trading platform, they might not be thoroughly familiar with a full range of our services. We suggest to lend them a helping hand by providing information on how to buy or sell digital assets on CoinGate using a variety of methods. They will certainly appreciate it!

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