With exchange hacks making new headlines on a weekly basis, what would you think if trades could take place on the blockchain and not on some exchange’s database? Results:
No centralized exchanges. 
Trading peer-to-peer. 
Wallet to wallet.

Welcome to Mercury Exchange, the world’s first trustless cryptocurrency exchange.
Using the Cross-Chain Atomic Swap protocol, buyers and sellers can trade different cryptocurrencies, without a third-party.

A preview is available for download here for testing purposes:

WARNING: This is an early alpha version, it is likely there will be bugs. Don’t trust this with all your money yet, as you are at risk of losing it. But feel free to try trading with a small amount of money for testing purposes.

At present, Mercury v0.1 currently supports:


Plans to add other currencies and crypto-assets are being considered, such as:

Colored coins (USD, company stock, etc.)

We’ll be closely watching this innovative project that promises some awesome developments. This author received no compensation to promote this exchange. I’m just a trader, obsessed with the potentials of a revolutionary, peer-to-peer future. Who else thinks this might be a killer APP for the cryptocurrency markets – and beyond?

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