ChangeTip’s moves in digital micropayments have already pushed  Coinbase out of the sector. The startup hasn’t rested on those laurels, as it announced yet another integration, this time with the Disqus blog commenting service.

Appropriately, news of the integration came through a Bitcoin tip that ChangeTip Vice President Victoria van Eyk sent in response to a CoinDesk article comment that suggested the move.

How it works

Upon “hearing” the recipient’s name mentioned across various social networks, the Bitcoin tipping service responds to a system of bots to pass the message to his or her wallet from the sender’s.

.ChangeTip’s internal ledger does the processing off-chain, which means it can send tips almost instantly.

A busy few months

Major announcements have almost become routine for ChangeTip since the San Francisco startup received $3.5M in funding last December. ChangeTip‘s backers of note include Twitter, Reddit, GitHuab, Slack, WordPress, Google+ and Tumblr.

Only last week did ChaneTip announce its integration with video streaming platform

The company has also entered the donation micropayment scene through its partnership with BitGive Foundation, a non-profit.

Image via Flickr by Sean MacEntee

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