With the mission of giving two speeches on behalf of CoinGate, 8 of us (almost the whole team!) attended the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Kiev on the 12th of October, 2017. We wish to share our experience!

Three distinctive subjects were the focus in Kiev: ICOs, development and business, and legal. On the last two our CEO and CTO, on behalf of CoinGate, were sharing their insights, ideas and experience. Rytis, our CTO and Bitcoin expert, talked about little-known intricacies of different Bitcoin wallets and best practices when it comes to security. Meanwhile, CoinGate CEO Dmitrijus gave a speech on a topic he is passionate about, and that is “Banking VS Bitcoin”. Dmitrijus made an overview of the current market adoption of cryptocurrencies in the payments industry. Along with it, he provided insights into the future potential of Bitcoin and Blockchain. The summary of both discussions will be available soon on the conference website.

To no surprise, there were a lot of chatter and presentations on ICOs. Our team quickly got the feeling that everyone is launching one, or is at least planning to. We were not sure if the talks we gave resonated well with the audience of around 1,500, but both Dmitrijus and Rytis were cheerfully applauded in the end, so we are glad about the results. Sharing knowledge is, after all, essential in this emerging industry.

We would like to thank Smile Expo for a warm welcome, pleasant details and professional organization of the event and the after-events. This was all well-planed and enjoyable. Additionally, we send a big thank you to the whole DASH team and their representative Robert Wiecko, as well as to Bitcoin enthusiasts Maksym Demianiuk from “Geo People”, Altug Ozturk & Ali Erciyas from Turkey, Danil Orlov from Cointed, Piotr (Cryptograph), Alex Siman (blockstarter.co) and to Vera Belikova (Playbex) as well to everyone else who we had the pleasure of meeting at Kiev’s Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference!

We invite you to meet us in person the next time we attend an event, perhaps closer to your home-town. We have Cyprus, Poland, London & Berlin on the list.
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Best wishes from CoinGate Team!

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