A new round of CoinGate Challenges is coming up! We believe this is the right time to celebrate all the things that have been going on in August, and so we are getting ready to have some fun with Bitcoin again – hope you are, too!

On the 1st of September we are running another round of Bitcoin Challenges, the 4th already!

The riddles will be on Bitcoin this time. Don’t miss the chance to show off your skills and win some bits in return!

CoinGate Challenges Riddle #5

A though-provoking snapshot of the riddle #5 from CoinGate Challenges Round #2 that took place on July 15

We try to make CoinGate Challenges fun and understandable for everyone who can say they know the basics of Blockchain, cryptography and steganography. But do not back down if you are not an expert – we ensure that the riddles are doable!

CoinGate Challenge Round #3 Wrap-up

We had 3 rounds of challenges already: 2 on Bitcoin and 1 on Litecoin, and we are very pleased with the interest of the community. 

The latest round was particularly successful, with over a thousand people visiting our website on and around August 1.

The riddles, to our great surprise, took pretty much no time to get cracked! Even the toughest challenge we had with a reward of 5 LTC took no more than a couple of hours to solve! Check out our Reddit thread for comments by the people who took part.

CoinGate appreciates all the feedback we received from you so far about the challenges. Always feel free contact us with your suggestions!

You can find CoinGate Challenges and subscribe to our mailing list here: https://coingate.com/challenges

Good luck in the upcoming round!

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