CoinGate in French. Paris at NightSalut! Accepter les paiements en bitcoins! Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que CoinGate est maintenant disponible en français!

In other words, we are happy to announce that CoinGate is now available in French!

See it here: FR.COINGATE.COM

The main principle of Bitcoin is that it is available to anyone, anywhere. Thus, as a Bitcoin payments company, we at CoinGate aim to stay in line with this principle by making Bitcoin more accessible to people from every part of the world. With our French translation, we hope to enable more businesses and individuals to start using Bitcoin payments in France, Canada and elsewhere.

The French language is the fourth on our website already, in addition to English, Lithuanian and Russian. We are very happy to have worked with a member of the Bitcoin community in translating the website, therefore making sure that it is 100% relevant and accurate to every Frenchman out there.

Keep an eye out for upcoming Spanish and German translations very soon! Localizing our website to as many languages as possible is in our plans, and we are getting there steadily.

À bientôt!

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