CoinGate in German. CoinGate in Deutsche Sprache.Guten Tag! Wir sind jetzt in deutscher Sprache verfügbar. Akzeptiere Bitcoin Zahlungen in deinem Shop mit CoinGate!

We are proud to finally add German to our list of translations!


Our team at CoinGate is really happy to have launched the German translation at this particular time of year. Bitcoin is booming and times could not be more exciting. Just very recently, the first Bitcoin-only shop, the House of Nakamoto, has been opened in Vienna! Europe really seems to be moving forward with Bitcoin-related things, and German speaking countries, such as Austria, Switzerland, and Germany itself, are at the forefront.

As a Bitcoin payments company, we are proud to enable both businesses and consumers to use our service. We are happy to be part of the Bitcoin community, and, most importantly, help it grow!

German is already the sixth language on our website already, in addition to English, French, Spanish, Lithuanian and Russian. Wow, right! As with French and Spanish, a huge help was provided to us by a Bitcoin community member from our favorite forum,

Keep an eye out for upcoming updates. We will be launching more languages when time comes, but for now, we are working on some really big features that will go live very shortly!


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