Everybody needs to blow off some steam once in a while, right? Especially during the times when most are at home in self-isolation, hiding from relentless COVID-19. So don’t worry, we don’t judge.

adult btc crypto accepted

It’s just that all those extra special grownup ‘goodies’ do not always come for free. Luckily, you didn’t stock up on that Bitcoin fortune (or any cryptocurrency, really) for no reason.

Down below, we list several adult sites that provide spicy content for any of available digital assets supported by CoinGate crypto payment option. That includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, Ether, Nano, TRON and +-50 other options.

How porn fell in love with crypto

It’s not a mere coincidence that countless porn sites accept cryptocurrency payments. History shows that players of the adult industry tend to fall out with their banking or payment providers because of their unique line of work. Unfortunately for adult entertainers, it often results in their income streams suddenly cut off.

Blockchain-based currencies, on the other hand, give all the freedom one would ever need by removing unnecessary intermediaries from financial habits. But the porn industry seems to have discovered digital assets just now after PayPal halted services for Pornhub in 2019 due to obscure payment permission violations.

As a response, Pornhub soon implemented stablecoin payments (Tether in particular) as they pose countless benefits over traditional payment rails for both companies and their clientele. 

Since then, many other companies took the example and dipped their toes into blockchain tech and cryptocurrency payments. Some are even featured in the list below!

Are you still paying for adult content with a credit card?!

But there’s another significant reason why adult sites offer such a payment option – customers often feel safer when paying with pseudonymous digital assets. 

This way, they do not reveal their identity to anyone at any stage of a purchase, or any other sensitive information that could trace back to a person’s real identity. 

cryptocurrency benefits

But if they pay using, let’s say, a credit card, their personal information will inevitably reach the service provider, followed by the acquiring bank, the card service, and the issuer. Doesn’t sound so safe, right? That’s why, for example, customers of hosting service providers are so keen on paying with crypto assets.

Maybe it’s a good time to get some Bitcoin?

Pay for adult content with cryptocurrencies: list of websites

As promised, here are sites that will gladly provide paid adult content for those who prefer to pay with #Bitcoin or other crypto assets:

SLR (SexLikeReal)

This one is a real treat to all VR owners out there. 

SLR (SexLikeReal) the leading hub for the VR porn community. With 120 leading studios all in one place, it is the ultimate website to enjoy the best of VR porn. Unlike other similar sites, it is committed to providing videos at their absolute best quality – often remastering and enhancing existing scenes – and thus giving the best experience for VR-equipped users.

sexlikereal accept btc crypto

You’ll be happy to know that 60 FPS is the default standard here. Even the 30 FPS videos are interpolated up to 60 FPS to match the 60Hz display refresh rate. Besides, subscribers with desktop headsets can watch 90 FPS videos, and those using the Valve Index setup can enjoy content up to 120 FPS.

So what’s on the table here? First of all, SLR Premium subscription gives access to 8,000+ VR videos with hundreds of monthly updates, which comes with a free SLR app for one-click video playback with the best encoding for each headset.

SexLikeReal also offers a VR webcams section where you can enjoy one-on-one live interactions with real people. You also get access to SLR Originals – expert VR production studio that makes state-of-the-art VR scenes with the biggest names in the industry. 

Own a fleshlight? Good news – SLR allows to connect the SLR app with Fleshlight Launch and enjoy one-click streaming playback of the video, which is perfectly synced with the fleshlight script to match every movement on the screen.

Luckily, right now SexLikeReal offers massive discounts on all Premium plans, so if you own VR already, why not give it a go? You’re free to pay for a subscription with Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, Ether, Nano, TRON and +-50 other cryptocurrencies. 


If you’re really into live interactions, you’ll love LiveJasmin. This particular adult site focuses on webcam shows broadcasted by thousands of content creators, both men and women. It’s also one of the biggest adult live streaming sites in the industry, which means there’s plenty of choices to go around. 

livejasmin btc accepted

LiveJasmin makes it easy to find people that would match your preferences exactly. The filtering system is elaborate enough to separate choices by categories, show types, ethnicity, appearance and even willingness to do stuff.

Where to go from there, it all depends on you – explore profiles of models, start chatting, surprise them with gifts, enjoy VIP shows, perhaps get into a private room and… you know. Whatever you agree with the person behind the webcam.

Although you can watch live streams for free, you’ll need an account to access premium content and all the features that make interactions with models fun. Once you have an account, you can buy credits and use them to purchase gifts for models, tip them, access paid content and more.

Credits are available to purchase with more than 50 crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, Ether, Nano and TRON.


ManyVids is a lot of things. First off, it’s an adult entertainment video hosting and live streaming platform. But it’s also e-commerce and social media network, created in the name of sex positivity and respect for adult entertainers. 

manyvids btc crypto accept

Here, creators can freely produce, promote and distribute their own content while retaining full copyright to it. That opens up the opportunity to, for example: build following, interact with others, upload videos and pictures for members to purchase and download, or run an e-commerce shop, offer paid memberships, sell texting and phone call services, set up crowdsourcing campaigns, and much more.

Some would call ManyVids a censorship-free hybrid of YouTube, Twitter and Etsy, which is hard to argue. One thing for sure, it already became a social hub and #1 adult network for 3 million active users without any signs of slowing down, empowering many independent creators to establish their businesses in a safe and tolerable place that ManyVids is. 

Just like entries on the list, the website also accepts payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, Ether, Nano, TRON and +-50 other digital assets. 

Enjoy yourself… indoors!

Best case scenario, you found yourself a new favorite adult website to spend your crypto coins and withstand quarantine easier. If so, perhaps this guide on how to pay with cryptocurrencies will help out, in case it’s your first time doing so. 

That said, stay safe and stay indoors! After all, there’s plenty of entertainment to enjoy right where you are.

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