Here’s a little-known fact – Skrill users who make use of CoinGate payment processing services can easily set up fiat currency payouts to their Skrill accounts! 

coingate skrill fiat

Here, you as a merchant have the tools to convert your cryptocurrency earnings to Euros and US dollars and put them directly to Skrill wallet. If you wish to, you can even receive both fiat currencies at once! 

But most importantly, we lock the market rate of a coin at the moment when your customer makes a purchase with it, making sure the volatility of digital assets is never an issue, and you always get the exact fiat amount that you expect. Curious? Check out the pricing page – it’s also up to five times cheaper than processing credit card payments

About crypto-to-fiat payouts to Skrill 

When you begin accepting cryptocurrency payments using one of CoinGate’s merchant tools, you get to decide how you want to proceed with each received coin. 

Currently, you can fully control the settlements of 13 natively integrated digital assets. Native support of a digital asset bestows even more flexibility for vendors to diversify their portfolios and set up the payouts options in any way they wish to. 

If a user decides not to keep cryptocurrency and instead receive payouts in fiat, he or she has an option to transfer funds directly to Skrill wallet. Moreover, they can decide to receive it in several different fiat currencies, depending on the customer’s preferences. This feature is available right now on your CoinGate account’s dashboard!

To change the settlement settings and set up fiat payouts to Skrill, you need to open the invoice customization page where you will be able to select different payout currency for every digital asset that you accept.

Learn how to change coins’ payout settings

How to set up fiat payouts to Skrill 

Here’s how you can set up crypto-to-fiat payouts to Skrill wallet, step-by-step:

skrill fiat payouts

Step #1. Open the payout settings

Go to your CoinGate account’s dashboard, click the “Account” section in a menu tab and select the “Payout Settings -> Skrill” tab, or click here.

Step #2. Fill out the form

Firstly, enter your payout title. It will help you remember what payout option it is if you decide to set up several different ones. Next, select “Setting Type -> Merchant” and provide your email address that is linked to your Skrill account. Once ready, click ”Add new payout option”.

Step #3. Wait for confirmation

When done, you will get an email from CoinGate asking to confirm your new payout option. Once you approve it, you will be ready to withdraw Euros or/and US dollars to your Skrill wallet!

Step #4. Configure fiat payouts

It’s up to you whether you want to receive Euros, US dollars, or both. Keep in mind that when withdrawing several fiat currencies at once, you will have to set up different payout method for each. 

Other options for Skrill users

Due to CoinGate’s long-lasting partnership with Skrill, we can offer even more tools and opportunities for Skrill users to become part of the crypto community. 

skrill buy sell crypto

If you use Skrill wallet, that means you can also use our express checkout to conveniently buy a variety of cryptocurrencies, sending them directly to your external wallet address. It’s easy, it’s quick, and you don’t even need to have CoinGate account to make a purchase!

Try it now, or check out the guide on how to buy cryptocurrency with Skrill account on CoinGate

Lastly, you also have the option to sell cryptocurrencies from your external wallet and receive Euros to your Skrill wallet. Available assets for selling include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Nano, TRON, Dai, StableUSD, and BitcoinSV. So, if you ever feel like selling some, you know where to find us!

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