Sounding eerily similar to something out of Snow Crash, Darkleaks is the newest online market for whistle blowers, blackmailers, and anyone else who wants to sell information – anonymously.

While SecureDrop, Globaleaks and Slur have already announced platforms for leaking information, Darkleaks is the latest  innovation to require a payment – a bitcoin payment – in return for the leak.  Its software encrypts the to-be-leaked information into smaller sections, and adds it to the bitcoin block chain – a decentralized, permanent ledger.  The file can be released for a fee – bitcoins, resulting in a trust less,  decentralized black market.

Random  segments of the marketed file can be sampled by potential buyers before committing to purchasing the whole document.  Assuming the potential purchaser is satisfied as to the validity of the samples, the transaction then goes forward with the payment of bitcoins to the seller.  The bitcoin payment releases the decryption keys to the buyer to enable access to the remaining document.

The Darkleaks software is available as a free download allowing anyone to upload sensitive files or other “marketable” information to potential buyers.   No identities are risked and no interactions between the seller and buyer are necessary.  Government secrets, trade secrets, celebrity photos, movies, stolen data, anything of value – even your famous, secret brownie recipe! Who else see this as nothing short of revolutionary?



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