“Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me.” –Chinese Proverb.

BTER has the following statement on its website:

7170 BTC got stolen from our cold wallet in this transaction:


720 BTC bounty for chasing it back.

All wallets have been shut down and withdrawals of the unaffected coins will be arranged later.

QQ: 4000070955


With transactions frozen, some are claiming an inside job.  This comes in the wake of another recent hack, where BTER lost about $1.65M of NXT.  The outcome for that incident was a bit more favorable – the exchange was able to negotiate for the return of a partial amount.

How many others are like me – have some coin at BTER, and forgot, or was too lazy to move them after the first hack?  Probably in denial, I justified it as an NXT issue.  But that was the wake up call and now – shame on BTER – and me.


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