Using CoinGate shopping cart plugins and extensions makes it really easy to setup Bitcoin payments (as well as Altcoins) in your online shop. This blog post covers VirtueMart Bitcoin extension installation step-by-step, screenshots included.

Installing our VirtueMart Bitcoin extension is simple. So where do you start?

Firstly, sign up for an account on CoinGate. For production, use our main website: But before you go live, you may want to do some testing, to make sure everything works nicely. For this purpose, we have a sandbox environment: – just remember to create an account here even if you already have one on our main website.

To ensure that CoinGate payment gateway is working properly on your website via our VirtueMart Bitcoin addon, we will go over these quick steps:

  1. Setup API credentials on CoinGate.
  2. Download the and install CoinGate Bitcoin extension for VirtueMart.
  3. Setup a new Payment Method on VirtueMart and configure the CoinGate extension.

For the testing mode to work, you must generate separate API credentials on, since API credentials generated on will not work in the sandbox environment. To create a set of API credentials, either complete the auto-setup wizzard, or find the API tab on the menu, click Apps, and then click +New App.

Please note, this guide was created using VirtueMart 3.2, but is also useful for installing older or upcoming versions.

1. Download and install the CoinGate Bitcoin payment extension for VirtueMart

You can always find the latest version on our GitHub repository. The current version (1.0.2) is directly available here:

Go to the VirtueMart administrator panel and click on the Install Extensions link in the Extension segment in the rear navigation. Alternatively, choose ExtensionsManageInstall option in the top menu.

Upload the zip file (do not extract it). Once you receive a confirmation message, go to the manage section in the rear menu.

Upload the VirtueMart Bitcoin extension zip file

2. Locate and enable CoinGate VirtueMart Bitcoin extension

Search for the plugin typing “coingate” in the search box, which will result in VM payment – CoinGate plugin appearing in the list.

Mark the check-box next to the plugin and then click Enable (or simply click the red “X” button below Status column name). You will get a confirmation message, indicating that the extension was successfully enabled.

3. Setup a new Payment Method on VirtueMart

Navigate to VirtueMartPayment Methods on the top menu.

Press New and fill out the form. Don’t forget to check Yes in the publish row.

4. Configure your VirtueMart Bitcoin extension: enter API credentials and select receive currency parameter

Next, go to Configuration tab. Here, enter your API credentials. 

If you have not yet created your API credentials (App ID, API Key, API Secret), then it is a good time to do this now. Login to your CoinGate account, go to API » Apps, click +New App, then click Submit (or follow this link directly).

If you are using Sandbox API credentials, then select Sandbox next to CoinGate Environments. The Sandbox mode runs on Testnet bitcoins, which you can obtain here (you will also need a Bitcoin wallet that supports Testnet bitcoins). 

After configuring the above parameters, you can also modify order statuses that your VirtueMart store will display for orders placed through CoinGate.

  • Pending status is displayed for all new orders that have not been paid or expired.
  • Paid status will be shown when the customer’s payment is received and verified on the blockchain.
  • Cancelled status is only shown when a customer clicks Cancel on the invoice.
  • Expired status indicates that the invoice timer ran out and payment was not received within the required timeframe.
  • Refunded status is displayed in case the customer requested a refund on the invoice.
  • Invalid status is shown if the payment made by the customer was not valid (e.g. a double-spend attempt).

Now, set the Receive Currency parameter to the currency in which you wish to receive your payouts from CoinGate. Please note, if you set it to EUR or USD, you must pass Level 2 Merchant verification before you can receive payouts (by uploading your identification, business registration and address proof documents). If you set Receive currency to BTC (Bitcoin), then verification is not needed.

Finally, click Save and Close – setup is now complete!


Your VirtueMart store is ready to accept Bitcoin and Altcoin payments. See how it works and let us know your thoughts at Whether you love or hate it – we want to hear it all!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the benefits of Bitcoin and Altcoins for your business and our payout options by clicking the button below!

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