This is a guide that describes how to navigate CoinGate’s Gift Card store and purchase e-vouchers with cryptocurrencies, step-by-step. 

buy gift cards with crypto

All gift cards on CoinGate website are available to buy with Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Nano, Dai, Token (AVA), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Telcoin (TEL), TRON and BitTorrent Token (BTT). 

Feel free to use Lightning Network for Bitcoin or Litecoin payments if your wallet supports it.

Step-by-step guide for buying gift cards with crypto:

1. Visit and pick a card

Use the search option, sort by popularity, date added and available countries, or check category pages to locate the desired vouchers. 

Coingate gift cards

2. Select denomination or enter the desired card value

Some gift cards only allow selecting particular denomination, while others can be in any value. Click on the empty amount field to check denominations or write the amount yourself – a notification will pop up, informing you about conditions available at the moment.

gift cards crypto

3. Click ”Add to Cart” button

Click the green button nearby and all items will appear in the cart. The cart itself is accessible in the top right corner of the screen. You also have an option to select the currency in which the total value of a cart will be shown. 

add to cart

4. Provide necessary information

After clicking the “Checkout” button, enter your name, email address and specify whether you’re buying gift cards for yourself or someone else as a gift. If it’s a gift, provide the email address of a person that you want to receive the cards. Also, don’t forget to read and agree with Terms & Conditions. 


5. Click “Continue” to select payment currency

This is where you select the cryptocurrency you want to use for payment. Select one of the available options and proceed to the following window. 

Coingate payment currencies

6. Make a payment

Send the exact amount to the provided cryptocurrency address or scan the QR code with your mobile wallet. Once payment is made, it will be confirmed immediately. 

IMPORTANT: When paying with XRP, it is mandatory to provide a destination tag!

gift card invoice7. Check your email

Your gift cards should reach your email address in a couple of minutes. Delivery delays are uncommon but possible. In case you did not receive your vouchers, please contact our support team at and let us know.

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