After the successful pilot and amazing community feedback, we went ahead and enabled Lightning Network payment option to all our merchants. Aiming to spread the word further, we have prepared a short guide on paying with Lightning!

Keep in mind that the Lightning Network is still counting the first months of its implementation. At the moment it still requires further development to make it more efficient and user-friendly. Nonetheless, it is ready to use right now if you wish so. Be aware that Lightning Network payment option is more suitable for advanced users at the moment due to lack of well-developed wallets that support the feature.

We will share all the information about our new features and developments regarding the Lightning Network as soon as they become available and ready to use.

How do you pay using the Lightning Network?

To pay using the Lightning Network, you will need to download and fund the supported wallet, open a Lightning channel and make a payment. Below we provide a short guide for those who are eager to make payments on the Lightning Network right away.

If you are curious to try it out but don’t exactly know where to start, below you will find the instructions that are suitable for Android OS users.

First step: Download a wallet supporting the Lightning Network.

For you to be able to do transactions on the Lightning Network, you will need to install a wallet supporting it. We recommend using Eclair wallet as it is user-friendly and easy to use. Furthermore, it has a decent customer support to answer any questions you might have. Wallet created with Eclair can also be used as a regular Bitcoin wallet.

You can download the app here.

Second step: Fund the wallet.

In order to use a wallet, first, you will have to put some Bitcoins in it.

To do that, simply open “YOUR BITCOIN ADDRESS” tab where you will find your Bitcoin address. Also, you will see QR code to fund a wallet. You will be ready for the next step once you get the confirmations of the transaction.

How to pay using Lightning Network 1

Third step: Open a Lightning channel.

In order to make the Lightning payment, you have to open a Lightning channel first. To do that, select “LIGHTNING CHANNELS” tab. The first time you do it the app will notify you that there are no active channels created just yet. To create a Lightning channel, press “+” button, choose “SCAN A NODE URI” option and then scan the node-link from our invoices. You can also choose to open payment channels to other parties by selecting “ACINQ NODE” or “RANDOM NODE”.

How to pay using the Lightning Network (Scan Peer QR)
How to pay using the Lightning Network (Scan a Node URI)


Fourth step: Make a payment.

After several confirmations, the Lightning channel will be open and you will be ready to make your first Lightning payment. In order to do that, go to “TRANSACTION HISTORY”, click on the button in the right corner of the screen and choose “SCAN A PAYMENT REQUEST” option.

How to pay using the Lightning Network (Scan a payment request)
How to pay using the Lightning Network (Scan Payment QR)

So, that’s it. If you followed the steps correctly, you just made your first Lightning payment! We will keep you updated on all the developments related to the Lightning Network as soon as they become available.

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