As an additional service, CoinGate provides a platform for traders to sell (or buy) major cryptocurrencies for Euros using a variety of different methods.

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Selling cryptocurrencies on CoinGate is pretty straight-forward and hassle-free. Once you create an account and verify your identity, you are free to use all available selling options you can find your account dashboard under the Trader/Sell section.

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Trader/Sell section

How do I sell cryptocurrency at CoinGate?

Currently, CoinGate allows selling eight digital assets: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Nano, TRON, Dai, and BitcoinSV.

In the first section, choose cryptocurrency you wish to sell from the provided list. Next, select receive currency and your account type (“Trader” or “Merchant”). Once you choose your account type, you will notice the “+Add Euro payout address” button that will pop up if this is your first time selling digital assets on CoinGate.

coingate sell crypto

Click on it and you will be redirected to the SEPA payout option screen. To add Euro payout option, you need to fill the necessary information. You can also select the international bank transfer option. However, note that we send international bank transfers with a 1% (min 90 Euros) fee deducted from the amount sent, due to the fact this is what our banking provider charges for the service.

First, choose a title for your payout option. It will help you distinguish a particular payout option from all others that you have already created, or will create in the future. Next, select the setting type (“Trader” or “Merchant”), and proceed with the rest: name of a bank account holder (important: the owner of a bank account has to be the same as the account holder’s at CoinGate), name of a bank you’re transferring your funds to, as well as bank SWIFT code and bank account number (IBAN).

sell crypto on coingate

Merchants also have an option to select the “Auto Withdrawal” option, meaning they can receive payouts once a week automatically. If not needed, select “None”.

Finally, click on the “Add new payout option” button. You will immediately receive a payout setting confirmation request to your email address. Once you confirm the payout option, you will be able to select it when selling digital assets.

Trade cryptocurrencies and become an affiliate

If you are trading cryptocurrencies often, we offer an opportunity to join our affiliate program and earn in the process.

If you are a registered user, you can create referral links that allow receiving up to 1% of the fees paid by traders who registered using it. The referrer can also choose to receive less than 1% and, as a result, referred customers will also pay lower fees than usual. Herewith, the referrers will get a percentage of total payments that the referred customer makes.

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You can create the referral links via your CoinGate dashboard under the “Trader/Referrals” section.

With that said, hopefully, you will be pleased with the variety of options and opportunities we provide!

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