With Bitcoin continuously pushing its way further into the professional business world, Ledet Training – a national training center who works with Adobe and Apple – announced Thursday they will begin offering a two day instructor led hands-on Bitcoin training program.

The program, which will be held in Ledet’s downtown Atlanta office as well as online, takes place over two days and is titled “Introduction to Bitcoin for Professionals.”

It’s designed for business managers and professionals who are interested in learning the basics of Bitcoin and its business impact as well how to use Bitcoin within their business.

Ledet said they hope their program will provide “understanding and clarity to both managers and employees so that both standard operating procedures and long-term business strategy can be created and improved.”

Upcoming dates for the course are October 6, October 20, November 10, and December 1.

Along with learning how to incorporate Bitcoin into their own businesses and business strategies, program attendees will learn why their business should accept bitcoin, details on how to build Bitcoin-friendly infrastructure, and how to transfer bitcoins to and from vendors, suppliers and customers.

“There’s a heavy focus on best practices in the class including covering mistakes companies have made and successes others have had using Bitcoin technology,” said Ledet.

Ledet said the program is appropriate for “business owners and leaders, managers, web developers, investors and professionals interested in a quick and easy way to become competent and educated on Bitcoin technology.”

And while Bitcoin has been gaining quick traction around the world, Ledet says that the technology still remains confusing to most business professionals, even ones directly involved with departments that it impacts, like web development, sales, marketing, accounting and finance.

Sterling Ledet, CEO of Ledet Training, claims that, “While media attention tends to focus on high-profile stories like the volatility in the virtual currencies price among traders, the news that doesn’t gather as much attention is the story about how Bitcoin has been steadily growing as a trusted payment technology by billion-dollar companies such as Dell Computer, Overstock.com, Dish Network and Expedia as well as a tens of thousands of smaller technology literate companies around the world. As the technology has matured, more and more business leaders and small business owners are quietly getting on board.”

Ledet said further that there is so much to learn about Bitcoin, and those who wisely and effectively implement the technology can gain a strong competitive advantage. Considering how supportive the Bitcoin community is of merchant adopters, this seems to without a doubt be the case.

The competitive advantage becomes even more apparent when news emerges detailing how bitcoin revenue exceeded the expectations of merchants such as Dell, Dish and Expedia.

Ledet was founded in 1993 and was one of the first Adobe authorized training centers. The company currently serves as an authorized training partner for Adobe, Apple and Autodesk.

The course outline is as follows:

Lesson 1 – Understanding Bitcoin
-What is Bitcoin?
-What is fiat currency?
-Why Bitcoin?
-Naming conventions
-Monetary Units
-Bitcoin currency symbols

Lesson 2 – Wallet Fundamentals
-Working with Wallets
-Computer Wallets
-Online Wallets
-Mobile Wallets
-Offline Wallets
-Hardware Wallets
-Paper Wallets
-Identifying your Wallet
-Securing your Wallet
-Funding your Wallet

Lesson 3 – Transactions
-Understanding Transactions
-Receiving Bitcoin
-Sending Bitcoin
-Exchanging for USD
-Transaction fees
-Changing addresses

Lesson 4 – Accepting Bitcoins as payment
-Website Integration
-Listing with Bitcoin search engines

Lesson 5 – Advanced Wallet Management
-Responsibility of Wallet
-Backing up Wallet
-Changing Wallet Password
-Cold Storage
-Advanced Paper Wallets

Lesson 6 – Understanding the Blockchain
-What is the BlockChain?
-Who maintains the Blockchain?

Lesson 7 – Developing with Bitcoin
-Money as a service
-Bitcoin API
-Transaction Scripting language and Network Protocol
-Bitcoin improvement proposals

Lesson 8 – Investing in Bitcoin
-Investing in Bitcoin
-Bitcoin valuation model

Lesson 9 – Alternative Cryptocurrencies
-Market Capitalization

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