Mark Karpeles, CEO of the now defunct Mt Gox bitcoin exchange, has made public an email exchange between former DEA officer Carl Mark Force IV and himself.


Screenshots of the emails can be found below.

In one email, Force says, “I wanted to ask you if you could back me on a deal for 250 bitcoin.”

He also sent Karpeles an email where he said he was looking for other work opportunities. He predicted:

The American government and economy will crash in the next five years. I see Bitcoin as the currency of the future.

In the final email, dated 5/15/13, Force says, “Told you [sic] should have partnered with me!”

On Reddit, Karpeles clarified the date displayed on the email:

Actually, his last email appears to be from the 15th, but that is because it is shown as Japanese time. The actual date is “Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 01:11:31 +0000″ (that’s the 14th if you convert to US time – same day dwolla warrant was issued and one day before this hits the news).


Redditor paleh0rse posted, “That… is an amazing disclosure! Any idea on if/when you’ll ever be able to tell us your side of the Gox story — government conspiracies, and all?”

Karpeles responded, “One day, I hope. There are things I cannot disclose and also a lot I do not know – events such as yesterday’s news bring a new light on everything.”




A /r/bitcoin user with the name hatch_bbe asked Karpeles about his next steps: “So what you [sic] going to do now? Is there anything you can do?”

Karpeles replied, “Currently considering available options with the involved parties. It might take some time until a course of action is defined.”

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