MoneyPolo logoCoinGate now offers the option to send and receive payments using MoneyPolo.

From now on, if you have a verified account at CoinGate and at MoneyPolo (MP), you can:

  1. Buy bitcoins by sending us money via MP
  2. Sell bitcoins and receive your payment to MP
  3. Receive payouts to MP if you accept Bitcoin at your business

MoneyPolo payout option is accessible from your CoinGate account dashboard by going to Payout Settings in the Menu. Then, you only have to enter your MP account number, your 2FA code, and verify the new payout setting by clicking on the confirmation link in your email.

There is a 1% fee for MP transactions, which will be deducted from the processed amount.

About MoneyPolo

The company has high street outlets in over 150 countries worldwide. Their services include global money transfers, prepaid cards, payment accounts, multi-currency accounts, and Forex services.

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