In a recent survey, the Digital Currency Council (DCC) found that only 1% of surveyed Americans did not know what the bitcoin logo meant.

504 people from different age groups across the United States were surveyed using the Google Insights service. The survey, which is the second in a series of report about public perception of digital currency, found that the American general public had varying opinions on the bitcoin logo.

The majority of participants were unfamilar with the symbol, providing responses such as “I don’t know what it means”, or “no reaction” when viewing it.

Survey participants were shown this image and asked to share their feelings on it.


The Council found that more than 9% said they were “puzzled” or “confused” while nearly 7% said they felt “nothing.” Rougly 5% of respondents recognized the image as being related to “money” or “wealth,” while roughly 3% noted the image represented “bitcoin”. 2% pressed indifference and 1% did not know what the symbol means.

The Council created a word cloud to visualize responses; it is evident that there are both people who are opposed to and in support of bitcoin. While words like “stupid”, “bad”, and “questionable” are commonly used, the survey found that respondents also used “rich”, “billionaire”, and “happy” to describe the digital currency.

The Digital Currency Council suggests that the survey serves as evidence that most Americans are still unfamiliar with Bitcoin – possibly due to ineffective efforts to increase awareness of bitcoin. The Council goes on to say that there is potential for bitcoin to be introduced to the American general public.

An infographic of the Digital Currency Council’s findings can be found below:

Image: Digital Currency Council

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