CoinGate Merchants are already reaping the benefits of accepting not just Bitcoin, but Altcoins too. To make paying with Altcoins even more convenient from the user’s point-of-view, we’ve been tweaking our invoice page. The upgrade is going live soon, and below is a sneak peak of the work-in-progress!

Paying with altcoins made simple by CoinGateBitcoin has maintained its leadership in the crypto-world, climbing to new highs over and over again in the last few months. However, other digital currencies have been keeping up closely behind. In fact, they have also grown to a total market capitalization of over US$60 billion. The cryptocurrency payment gateway developed by CoinGate accepts more than 50 different tokens that the customer can pay with.

With the amount of money flowing into cryptocurrencies, we felt it is only right that merchants should have the option to accept such payments. At the same time, we are happy to enable crypto-enthusiasts and early adopters to spend a wide variety of new coins and tokens that come to see the light of day. Cryptocurrencies are truly an exciting industry, and, utilizing blockchain technology, the vast majority of these new tokens have a significant purpose.

If you, as a business owner, consider giving customers an option of paying with altcoins, you should know the following:

  • The integration of our payment gateway is effortless, using our API, eCommerce Plugins or Payment Buttons
  • CoinGate enable customers to spend 50+ Altcoins
  • The solution is automatic and fuss-free: 
  • no need to worry about technical stuff, such as network confirmations, or customer support
  • Altcoin payments are instantly converted to Bitcoin or EUR / USD – your choice
  • Cryptocurrencies are a great way to promote your business and make it stand out among competitors

We expect to launch the invoice upgrade in the coming weeks. Your feedback is always much appreciated!

BR, CoinGate Team


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