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The /r/bitcoin subreddit has passed the 150,000 user mark, according to a recent thread.

The /r/bitcoin subreddit calls itself a “community” where users can talk about recent bitcoin events and share their thoughts. It is currently the 199th largest on the website in terms of the number of subscribers. Its highest ever ranking was at spot #180, which it held between March 3 and April 6, 2014.

Examples of topics currently being discussed include the first licensed American bitcoin exchange, and the recent surge in the BTC/USD price. Users also share humorous images and jokes. One user posted an animated GIF to commemorate the total subscriber count of 150,000. The image depicted American politician Ron Paul celebrating, and it has the heading “It’s happening!”.

The /r/bitcoin subreddit currently holds over 22 BTC in donations. This sum of money will be used for “some sort of advertising” according to its administrators. The subreddit’s sidebar provides 10.35799117 BTC as the amount of bitcoins that has already been spent on promoting the subreddit.

One of the administrators, theymos, is also the administrator of the official Bitcoin forum.

The Reddit website is divided into “subreddits” such as /r/technology and /r/music. The site’s users, known as “Redditors”, can give feedback posts by placing upvotes or downvotes. Posts that accumulate a large number of votes will be ranked higher on the subreddit’s front page and receive more attention.

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