A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the app SaruTobi. This app involved playing a simple game that paid you Bitcoin for every X minutes, hours, etc. that you played. The coins were paid out to whatever wallet you chose and were paid in 100 bit totals. The game was great, until someone hacked it and would take all the donated Bitcoin prior to any other players earning it.

Well, this issue seems to have been resolved. Mandel Duck (the creator company of SaruTobi) seems to have partnered with Xapo and the payments have begun again. The only downside is that you are no longer able to use any wallet address, you must use a Xapo wallet. Another possible downside to the game now is that you do not get bits just for playing, but rather you have to collect 12 Black Coins in the game order to earn a tip. Normally I would be all for this, however, the tip ranges from 10 bits to 1,000 bits (this is the scale I have received, feel free to comment below if you’ve received higher or lower) and averages (for me) to be under 100 bits per tip. On the positive side, the game has been updated and now has two different games in one. The game is relatively fun to play overall and is a great way to kill time if you’re bored. The largest downside that I’ve seen in regards to Xapo is that they do charge a fee to send bits to another wallet address. This amount is typically 100 bits, but if you’re earning 10 to 100 bits at a time, a 100 bit fee is pretty hefty.

The donation pot also seems to be well stacked. It has been hovering around 2 Bitcoins in total. This is possibly due to having to earn your tips instead of just automatically receiving them. This is a great way to introduce people to Bitcoin as the game is fun and someone new to Bitcoin should feel happy receiving a small tip, even if it is under 100 bits. So what are your thoughts on this game? Have you played it yourself? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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