We’re heading to the Slush conference once again! But this time, we will do more than just attend as a fintech company. 

slush side event 2019

We’re also preparing an exciting side event where you will get a chance to witness and discuss the creation of music with modular synthesizers, followed by a turbulent party!

Event details:

Raw and Untamed: crafting music with modular synthesizers

Place: Helsinki, Post Bar (get directions)

Time: 8 p.m., November 21

Host: Girts Ozolinš, CoinGate team members

Free entrance by RSVP; tickets for sale at doors


Raw Frequencies

Place: Helsinki, Post Bar (get directions)

Time: 11 p.m., November 21

Performing guests: KODEK, Lakeside Culture

Price: TBA

But what does the blockchain technology have in common with modular synthesizing? From first glance, those two are entirely different playfields that have nothing in common. But when it comes to creating magic out of rough ideas and materials, similarities between these two start emerging. 

Just like developing the blockchain, music-making with modular synthesizers demands creativity to take the rawest components, put them together and allow the idea to manifest into a single, flawless harmony that keeps going and evolving as it gains momentum. 

It is this harmony that shapes new arts, products and services in every industry, whether it’s music, blockchain or any other type of craft. But before we can reach this point of harmony and grow into full-scale companies, we have to harness our creativity and start building from tiniest elements. By themselves, they may tell no story and have no spirit until someone with an idea arranges them in a meaningful way. 

Similarities between this high-end music and blockchain don’t end here. In essence, both are a series of inputs and outputs that create an unbreakable chain, as well as a new asset of value. 

With this thought in mind, we invite you to participate in our live sound crafting workshop – Raw and Untamed with Girts Ozolinš, the founder of The Erica Synths, a company that builds synth modules and high-tech instruments. This is your opportunity to learn from A-grade professionals how music can be made in a unique and yet unexplored fashion.

If you have never heard of such a way of making music, feel free to take this chance not only to discover something fresh in techno stage but also meet beatmakers that inspire other artists to push the boundaries of experimental music. 

Whether you want to learn about new things, get inspired, have fun or just meet CoinGate team members in the heart of Helsinki, you can be sure it’ll be fun and exciting. 

Right after the workshop, we will throw a Raw Frequencies party during which you’ll get to hear a live concert of our guest performers KODEK and Lakeside Culture, virtuosos of modular synthesizers.

Soon enough, we will start sending out RSVP forms. November 21st is getting closer so keep an eye out for further announcements and prepare to dive into uncharted territories of music!

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