Valentine’s day is the day when couples look for grand ways to express their love for their better half, or even take the relationship to the next level. 

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And what is the better way to surprise your loved one than with the most eye-catching masterpiece that you can ever put on a finger?

No doubt that big decisions require adequate preparations, and our client is at your service with an exclusive offer for everyone paying with cryptocurrencies! 

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What is AuksoMeistrai? is not just another jewellery store. First and foremost, it’s a place for those who strive for quality, uniqueness and loveliness tailored precisely to match the customer’s ideas and desires. 

That’s why the company is not only selling but also taking on individual orders and crafting jewellery in the workshop of their own. All you have to do is contact them via phone, email or face-to-face, describe your ideas and allow the magic to happen.

Before the product reaches the customer, it goes through several hands of experts for a quality check. Only when it is decided that the product is perfect, it ends up in the customer’s hands. 

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Nonetheless, customers are free to participate in the process of jewelcrafting by inspecting the unfinished product, as well as booking appointments with artisans to discuss follow-up details. In other words, you always remain in control of the final product.

However, you don’t have to make an individual order to get something unique. Their online store offers a wide range of wedding and engagement rings, as well as the abundance of earrings, pendants, bracelets for both men and women, and other jewellery. 

Shipping is worldwide with a 30-day return guarantee. Standard ring production takes ten business days, but it can be done faster if needed. If you’re in a rush, a vast variety of choices are on display at the company’s stores or in the online shop.

The highest quality assurance

Going strong for 20 years, AuksoMeistrai earned their reputation by working only with trusted gemstone suppliers from all around the world. As such, each product comes with internationally recognized gemstone certificates from the Lithuanian Assay Office, such as GIA, IGI or HRD.

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As a responsible manufacturer, the company provides a 5-year manufacturing defect insurance which might come in handy if the diamond falls out (although it’s an extremely rare case that happens with tiny diamonds up to 0,03ct only). 

Also, knowing that 80% of the time clients miscalculate the size of the loved one’s finger, AuksoMeistrai will resize your ring for free as long as you come back no later than one year after the purchase.

How to choose the perfect ring? Tips from AuksoMeistrai

When thinking of the right ring, there are several things to keep in mind. 

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  • If a person likes minimalist jewellery or doesn’t like wearing them at all, it is best to stick to a classic style (slim frame and one brilliant in the center) with up to 0.60 carat brilliant. Example
  • If a girl likes to stand out and wears bulkier jewellery, AuksoMeistrai recommends choosing a more massive frame adorned with diamonds. Thin-frame modern rings look great with a 0.10 – 0.50-carat central diamond, while the more massive frame typically hold 0.40 to 2-carat diamonds. Example
  • Caution is advised when looking at colored gemstones unless you know that a girl likes a particular gem and color. The most suitable gems for such engagement rings are black diamonds, blue sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Example
  • The most convenient way to choose the right ring size is to measure a girl’s wear ring at a jeweller. Otherwise, you can strike for the standard, most common size in Europe, which is 17.2.

Valentine’s day is almost here! Are you ready?

There’s still time to find the perfect ring for your partner, and AuksoMeistrai is more than happy to lift some weight off your shoulders, so don’t hesitate to check out their store! And, if you’ll find something special, don’t forget to use the promo code CRYPTOLOVE at checkout!

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